Wednesday, November 29, 2006

little things that mean a lot

making sure your alarm is set on A.M. and not P.M.

good phone signal

enough pillows


light bulbs

breath mints

enough pencil lead

hot water

the right change



the list goes on...i had so much more in the list in my head. add more if you feel obliged.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

is God fair?

i asked this question to my sixth grade homeroom this morning, and instructed them to write continuously in response to this question for almost 10 minutes.

i thought i'd share a few interesting responses:

"Is God Fair? Yes.
But I am kind of sad because ever since **** came to school my best friend ********* plays and talks with him more than me. I also think that it is not fair that my grandma died. My dog Boo died, too. I just think everything is going wrong in my life. BUt I know that it is because of all the bad sins I have done in my life and this is the consequence. Also my Grandad is lonely and sad. But I know through God everything will be alright. As long as I have Christ in my hear, whatever happens he will always be my one, true God."

"I think God is fair. You just have to believe him and if you pray hard, it might happen, but God can't always work and answer your prayers. And I've prayed for other things and he hasn't answered them. But that's just how it is."

"God is fair because I believe he does everything for a purpose,even when times are hard. God may seem unfair at times. I have thought that before, but afterwards I don't."

Where I expected to see peace; I uncovered disappointment.