Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2012 in a nutshell

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Thursday, February 02, 2012

spring fever

Yes, I realize it's February. Only Groundhog Day, actually. And apparently that clever little groundhog thinks we'll have six more weeks of winter. Ugh. So not what I wanted to hear.

I'm itching for warmer weather and springtime turning into summer. I always considered myself a winter lover with the snow, cozy fires, holiday, etc. And then I had a toddler. Now winter = cabin fever, bundling up, running out of cheap/free activities to do around town and LOTS more energy (uh, him not me).

Now that we have our own place, Tim and I are both excited about making the outdoors our own. I have plans for a porch swing on the front of our cape cod and painting the shutters dark grey and the front door a playful colonial yellow (something on houses I've always envied).

Well, that's just the front. One of the big perks of this house was that it was already landscaped. So nice. Just making it our own personal style is the ticket for getting us to do any sort of "home project".

Of course, Tim is loving the idea of a sweet deck out back, complete with grill and outdoor seating. We L-O-V-E grilling. I actually cook so much more in the summer because I can send Tim outside with a few things and the fresh produce is endless.

A built in fire pit is definitely going to happen. Who doesn't love a good fire in the summer while kids run around and get dirty catching fireflies?

The biggest project (besides the deck of course, which I plan on having very little to do with:)) would be a vegetable garden. Since we've rented for so long, the idea of investing time and money into a garden was silly. I tried my hand at a few container herbs here and there, but we've always loved the idea of our own garden. Tim's not so much a huge veggie lover, but I definitely am - especially home grown. We get all starry-eyed thinking of our family working together in the garden and our kids learning the value of working with your hands. I'm sure it'll turn out that perfectly. :)

Until then, we know we're going to join the local CSA for the months of April & May when you wouldn't be getting too much out of your own plot anyway. Lots of greens & root vegetables. Yum. I enjoy the surprise of different produce each week and having to figure out how to prepare it. Last time we did this, we got some pretty interesting things, tryed lots of new veggies and learned a lot!

I'm always good at making lists and then just looking at them. Hopefully, we'll get some gumption and actually get around to all of our big plans. But right now, it's February. Hm.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinterest balance

I probably spend more time pinning ideas on Pinterest than I should. It's a great resource for inspiration and tutorials. The problem is: I've maybe done less than a handful of the projects I've marked.

You're probably thinking, "Court, what's the problem? You don't work, you have a new house, blank walls, a creative mind, and Pinterest as your resource! Get going already!"

Those are exactly the problems. Along with knowing I'm one of the most indecisive minds I know of. And the notion that now that we own our home, I have to decorate everything like I've always wanted to. That puts a lot of pressure on me.

In my own mind, of course.

I'm easily overwhelmed.

I want every space to be perfect.

I want to be incredibly, cutely organized.

My taste and style changes almost annually.


You know it's bad when my DH is kindly suggesting, "I'm ready for this house to finally get put together."

I know, I know! Meeeeee too.

I'm having a brain fart.

I need to take it one week at a time, maybe one project/improvement a week. That's going to require planning, doing, budgeting, and deciding. Oy.

We're also in transition in this house since we decided to shuffle some bedrooms for the new baby coming in August *eeee!:)* and that has led to closet purging, reorganizing, possible paint color changes, and really wanting to give attention to our master bedroom. We have a pretty small living space in the main part of the house, so some innovative toy storage is underway as well.

In reality, it's a productive day for me if I a)keep Isaac entertained/happy/learning, b)my family fed with healthy meals, c) laundry, dishes & regular household chores maintained, and d)my sanity with keeping up with Bible studies, blogs, Zumba classes, and just SLEEP.

Now my conscience kicks me in the rear and says, "What about all this simple living mumbo jumbo you preach about?"

You're right. It matters no more that my house is perfectly decorated, organized, or updated. I shouldn't worry about the way the house looks as long as its walls are filled with laughing people and great food instead of professionally framed photos.


I've got to find a way to balance my creative energy and desire for aesthetically pleasing spaces with the true beauty of a home: how its inhabitants use it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

December in Our Home

Isaac turned 2! We celebrated with a baseball party and Mexican food (duh).
Made some fun keepsake ornaments with the bean's profile & super easy Scrabble ornaments for anyone I could think of.
Ugly sweater Christmas party with the youth group. I'm usually so proud of my husband. *sigh*
Craig & Lindsay came to visit.
Flew to Virginia for Christmas with my family.
Took lots of goofy pictures of a goofy kid making goofy pictures. I do NOT know where he gets that.

Friday, January 13, 2012

November In Our Home

Clif notes: We moved into our OWN home, Tim turned 29, we were out of town for 3/4 weekends of the month, Ministers & Wives retreat, Thanksgiving in TN with family, where I ran my first 5K. All of this and somehow we managed to "flip" a bathroom.

Dangit, Katie.

Alright, I didn't feel so bad about being so behind on blogging since I'd at least blogged in the last few months. But, like Katie, I've had a few gentle nudges to keep blogging and keep my long distance family up to date with more intimate moments besides, "Well, let's see what else is new..." phone conversations. In true orderly fashion, I'm going to have to update you on November-December but that will be quick seeing as I don't really remember much!

Funny things, blogs are, because they tend to weigh more heavily on the writers themselves when they're not updated regularly. Like we've made some sort of virtual commitment to journaling our life and sharing with others. It's half and half with me. I write to appease my readers - let's be honest, my mother and sisters - but I trudge along knowing that I would regret not capturing these days with pictures and thoughts.

So Katie, thanks for getting the ball rolling and back into blogland. I also love reading your posts and you are an encouragement to me - even miles away and with a fairly fresh friendship! (Say that three times fast.)