Saturday, September 03, 2011


i have a thing for cupcakes.

i even love the word.

cake. lots of frosting. two bites max. yummm.

i have a soft (sweet) spot for most baked goods and can honestly finish a pan of brownies by myself in record time. thank God for Zumba.

this october, my DH's brother is getting married and the dessert of choice is - cupcakes.

cupcakes have become so popular in events like weddings, and the creativity is almost endless. what color papers? what flavor cake? how MANY flavors? fillings? frostings? sprinkles? dustings?

you really could go on and on. they can be as simple or as detailed as you wish.

this wedding is a fall wedding and the bride has given me permission to be creative. with the expectation to please both taste buds and the eyes. *awkward laugh* simple enough.

fortunately, autumn is a cinch when it comes to flavors. pumpkin, spice cake, apple, red velvet, carrot, almond!

i'm only in the inspiration stage for now, but about a month out i'll be baking on a schedule and freezing them until D-day. guess we'd better start eating out of the freezer now.

thanks to Pinterest, i'm feeling some major vibes from these flavors:

salted caramel cupcakes found here

vanilla almond cupcakes with maple cream cheese frosting found here

apple pie cupcakes found here

pumpkin cupcakes found here

and the groom's favorite:

red velvet cupcakes found here

i'm still undecided about how to decorate, although i know simple is best. no spreading frosting with a knife (pleaaaase *eye roll*). piping will have to be mastered, and perhaps a tiny bit of cinnamon & crystal sugar dusting. dark brown papers or white papers? and should i include carrot cake and a basic vanilla?? what about a chocolate with chocolate cupcake? oy.

the bride has an adorable idea for a "sweets" table where the guests can choose their cupcake of choice, along with an assortment of festive candies arranged in glass containers. she's even DIYed a banner to hang above the table.

my goodness, where would we BE without Pinterest to fuel our fires??

probably flipping through bridal magazines like I had to do. you know, back in the day.