Thursday, April 24, 2008

fresh ink

For all of you who have actually been praying for some form of employment for me, thanks!

I just recently started working as part of a Store Installation Team for a Hallmark store. Basically, there's a new store going into a huge outdoor mall and I'm part of the many who are helping put it together. We have done everything from unloading, building sets and wall displays, setting product and learning systems for when the store opens. I was a little hesitant working at a cheesy card shop with a bunch of older ladies who were die hards for junky knick-knacks, but I am loving it.

I've worked over 30 hours this week and have been able to use my creative energy almost every day. It's actually quite eye-opening when you learn every single computer/organizational/product system for putting together a major retail chain. I couldn't ask for a better team of operations directors and managers to work with. Talk about patience and kindness-wow.

Once the store actually gets in full swing, I'll go back to being a sales associate, but I'll be put in charge of certain sections of the store to keep re-ordered, processed, and managed. It's amazing how much I've missed learning new things. Being around so much "creative product" it's really starting to motivate me to keep doing what I love most...painting, creating, writing. When you get to know the minds behind the clever greeting cards and elaborate gift wrapping, it rubs off!

I'll be working there for the rest of the spring and summer months, and then they are allowing me to return during any following summers when I'm not teaching. What a blessing! After tax season, dog hospital bills, and car maintenance...working feels really good.

Friday, April 04, 2008

uncle sam, bite me.

death by taxes

so the past few days, tim and i have realized how much being adults is overrated. it all started with figuring out all the taxes to be filed-so not in our favor. we piled that on top of tim's car having to be fixed TWICE and my car windshield having to be replaced last week. oh, don't forget. i still don't have a job and we've successfully used every last bit of anything resembling our savings from Virginia.

it's still raining and cold in Indiana, and I miss my friends and family like crazy. don't get me wrong, I have complete confidence in God's plans for us and this move. i think. but God, i'm tired of staying home all day feeling unproductive. i'm tired of feeling like if i only had a job, we could actually deal with all of this. i'm tired of being told that i'm "not allowed to leave a voicemail" by snotty school secretaries. and i'm tired of hearing, "check back with us at the end of the summer."

i'm sorry to vent all of this, and really sound very unlike a real adult, but to be sucks.

i wish for a time and place where we all live together with people we love the most, do what we love, and have just enough to be content. that's so not a world i'm familiar with, and i'm learning very quickly that it needs to be.

until then, long live the cooking shows, playing with the dog, and the continuous online search for any school systems within 30 miles that i may have missed.

cheers. hope you all are having a happy tax season.