Wednesday, November 16, 2011

October In Our Home

Wow, I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! I look forward to this season every year with the anticipation of the seasons changing and upcoming holidays. This year, I realized that Tim and I have never put up a Christmas tree in the same place twice since we've been married. Phew, am I tired of moving!

October was a fun month for us, full of firsts. It was absolutely beautiful, weather wise, here in central Indiana. It seems like the leaves just took their sweet time changing colors and held on for dear life, giving us a good month to enjoy them.

I'm a sucker for seasonal traditions and the person who is caught saying, "We HAVE to go pick pumpkins-we do every year!". We didn't exactly pick pumpkins this year...the traditional way, at least. We didn't make it to the pumpkin patch before it closed for the day so we took Isaac to the "patch" at Home Depot. He loved it just the same, and whatdya know-cheaper pumpkins. We did, however, make it to the apple orchard. I can't believe I've never picked apples before! (Mom? At least I don't remember?) The day we went, it was actually too warm to really enjoy it, but the cider slushies were a huge hit. Isaac picked a ton of apples, but he had a blast pulling the wagon and having Aunt Sarah lift him way into the middle of the trees.

Look at how much he's grown in a year! In the first picture, he's really just propped up against the big wooden apple and I jumped away quick enough for the picture.

Next up was the big wedding day for Tim's brother. I was excited about a fall wedding (I've secretly always wished we'd gotten married then) and our whole family was very involved. Sarah and I *successfully* baked, iced, transported, and displayed all 200 cupcakes for the wedding - go us! For real, though. It was no small task. Tim and I were both in the wedding party and Isaac was the ring bearer. Well, at least he was acting the part. He made it down the aisle carried by Tim (not the original plan) and then screamed as my mom took him off the stage for the duration of the wedding (also not the original plan). Oops. He cheesed it up big time for pictures and danced like a fool at the reception, so I guess nobody has any proof that he was a mess during the actual ceremony. Well, except the videographer. My parents flew out for a long weekend for the wedding, which was so nice. They were a huge help with Isaac and it was fun for Tim and I to have both our families to celebrate a great wedding.

After things calmed down a bit (and we finally finished the leftover cupcakes), I grabbed a borrowed chicken costume from a friend and took Isaac trick-or-treating while Tim was in bed with the flu that I'd had a few days before. Isaac caught on really quickly and he even had to be reminded that we don't need to say "trick or treat" whenever we want something. He was hilarious dressed as a chicken (as I would think most people are) and it was actually the first time I'd been trick-or-treating since I was probably his age.

That same day, we closed on our first home.

Let me repeat that.


After almost 4 years of renting 5 different houses, we finally bought a house. The one we'd always wanted.

And we are SO. EXCITED.

Prepare for more "in progress" pictures and posts to come *hopefully*. We're already moved in and starting to slowly chip away at our loooooong list of things we'd like to do to the house. It has great bones and no major things that have to be overhauled, so we're just basically making it to our liking.

Ya know, the fun stuff.