Tuesday, July 24, 2007

life after the fact

so it's been over a month since i've last blogged, and a LOT has happened.

i will spare the silly details, since most of you were a part of our big events in the last month.

i can say that our wedding was the best day of my life. not only because tim and i were getting married, but because i was in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed by the friendship, love, and FUN that we all shared. it was a beautiful day and i everyone who meant everything to us was a part of it. tim and i are still spinning from the feeling of being surrounded by our best friends and our amazing families. so to those of you who made it sooooooo special....THANK YOU doesn't even cut it. we were blown away.

i'm now into my second full week of being an associate children's minister. it's been another overwhelming experience, and one that is both exciting and scary at the same time. there are some great perks- a new apple powerbook, my own huge (but still very empty) office, flexible hours, awesome co-workers, working with my mom every day, etc. i'm still in the state of trying to wrap my mind around the incredible amount of vision that someone has to have in this type of a ministry. we're getting ready to add on a new children's wing, start new curriculum, and pretty much explode into new extensions of ministry we didn't think possible a year or so ago. it's an incredible amount of responsibility but God has been in the details and in every volunteer that's welcomed me so far.

tim and i are officially settled into our new place, and me being the picky and precise person i am when it comes to decorating, i'm still "considering" where things should go on the walls, colors for each room, etc.

dad bought tim and i nice mountain bikes for a graduation/wedding present, and my parents ended up jumping on the bandwagon as well. now the four of us can go ride all over the battlefields, the beaches, or wherever we choose!

we're headed to IN this weekend for another wedding reception and to say hi to alot of people that I won't know:) my parents are coming as well, so we're loading up mom's new car w/ plenty of The Office dvd's, snacks, and things to keep us happy for 13 hours one way. another chance to see our friends and just get away - i love it!

well, back to work. it's vbs week. 'nuff said.