Friday, February 26, 2010

a smiling baby, new nightstands and a blue jeep

alright, i need to get back into the habit of blogging. not just for my few faithful that read, but for myself. i'm bad at scrapbooking and journaling and all that jazz, so this is my way of keeping my memories. of course, from now on i will probably blabber on and on about my little man, but that's expected, right? :)

the above picture is at ikea, one of the wednesday dates with sarah. since i'm at home and she has wednesdays off, we try to make it a point to spend time together. this was our adventure last week, and it was quite productive! isaac did great traveling and being forced to endure yet another shopping trip with his mom and aunt:) as long as we don't force him into his car seat for too long, he usually does pretty good.

**ikea purchases to date: bed, nightstands, lamps for nightstands, new baby bathtub (a bigger one!), bowls, stockpot(i finally got one, lindsay!), pot lids organizer, glass message board, salad bowl, double boiler, lamp for tim's office, and a lint roller. ya know, last minute "oh yeah, i need one of those" items.

isaac update - our little one (10 weeks yesterday) is doing so well and getting more and more enjoyable every day. he's been continuously sleeping through the night for about 5 days now and is smiling at us when we get him out of his crib in the morning. it's the best thing in the entire world for tim and i to make him smile and laugh. he's more and more active each day and really takes to anything musical. my cell phone ringtones have become a lifesaver in a sticky situation.

he's starting to love bathtime. he is hilarious sometimes when he just lays back with his arms on the side of the tub and enjoys the warm water. he's grown out of the small baby tub we had, so i bought a bigger one that sits in our jacuzzi tub to suffice until he can sit up and use the regular one.

as much as i hate talking about it, i have to share a story about dirty diapers. isaac is at the point where not every single diaper is a bit dirty...he just decides to save it all for a major event - so nice of him. he hadn't had dirty diaper in about a day and a half, so when tim and i headed out for some errands, i knew better than to not leave the house w/ a full set of clothes on hand. sure enough, the blowout happened and isaac was NOT a happy camper. we were in the car at the time, so we had no choice but to pull into a parking lot and change him there. tim's jeep hardly has any room to change a VERY messy diaper (and clothes) so we got creative and leaned over the back seat to change him in the cargo part of the jeep. i'm sure we looked like seasoned parents as we both have our behinds up in the air and scraping poop off a completely naked baby in the back of a jeep. i just started dying laughing in the middle of it all as tim was almost gagging from the smell. isaac continued screaming, i continued laughing, and tim just drove us both home. oh, and isaac wasn't wearing any pants.

car update - for those of you that heard about the highly professional policeman who did a u-turn in the middle of traffic and totaled tim's new (to us)land rover. poor guy had only had it 2 weeks and was livin' the dream before "sargeant can't drive" comes along. now, he's living out his "plan B" dream with a 2000 Jeep Cherokee.

me upate - for the most part, i am feeling back to my normal before pregnancy self. there was a point, however, when i didn't know if i'd ever love the way i looked or felt again. i'm about 8 or 10 pounds away from what i was before, which i think is pretty good with not working out. i have EVERY intention of shedding those last few pounds and more before June 27, when my beautiful sister will walk down the aisle and i have to be in front of God and everyone in a bridesmaids dress. i'm dying for warmer weather so i can start walking! i know i can do it! being a mother is every bit worth it, though...even if i'm still in denial of having to go through it all again.

alright, that's probably enough for now. i have to save stories and such for later entries. hopefully by my next entry, i will have successfully figured out homemade dryer sheets and play silks!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday, February 06, 2010

my little model

here's an updated picture of isaac (being quite posh if i do say so myself)at 7 weeks. he's changing right before our eyes and developing a little personality - see above photo. :)

i promise to do a real update soon...with words and everything! hang tight. :)