Thursday, June 24, 2010

hello? are you there?

yes, i know it's been awhile. yes, i know i have probably a dozen posts that begin this way. well, tough. it will have to keep waiting. we've just moved, tim's gone to camp and back, insert small crises when he's away, now we're packing up and leaving at 5am to fly to virginia for my little sister's wedding and a beach trip with the fam. whew. so at least you have good pictures when i get back?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

a few random pictures

isaac's learning how to reach for everything in sight...with his hands and feet. he is a little monkey when he's on the floor and gets so excited when something is close enough to kick the heck out of.

this is my new sugar tin. behind it are the two remaining flour and tea canisters that survived my clumsy hands and didn't shatter all over the floor in a million, precious porcelain pieces. this set was from my bff a few Christmases back and they're from Williams Sonoma. they might be my favorite kitchen items, but only because i don't have a kitchenaid mixer. yet. :)if only the tea canister had been the victim, i might have a somewhat "small, but still makes sense" set of canisters.

these are the socks i tye-dyed for my class for field day. this year, each class had colors and we were decked out on field day in our green & yellow. i took pictures of tim helping me dye them in the sink, but failed to take pictures of the finished product. they were pretty cute, and the girls especially loved wearing them super tall like softball socks. we had one of the mothers make REALLY cute hair ties to match. yes, of course, i wore one.

this is a picture of isaac. just because. :)

homemade oreos

so don't be impressed just yet. this recipe is from Smitten Kitchen(duh) and is really fun to make. mostly because i had a small sense of self-righteousness when i said, "well i made my own homemade oreos" as if anyone ever asked me...but also because i love piping icing onto anything and making tim wander into the kitchen in a hungry, curious stupor.

despite the things i would change about this recipe for next time, we still ate the entire batch in about 3 days. i kept them in the fridge since our house is quite warm without central air and the frosting stayed together the best that way.

a couple things i'm going to change for next time (oh yes, next time):
-tim expected the cookies to be soft or chewy, but much like a "real" Oreo the cookie was crunchy with an icing filling. if it was a soft cookie, it would really be called a whoopie pie. seriously, how fun is that? i have this book waiting in my cart on
-the icing wasn't sweet enough for my taste. remember, i'm someone who craves things so rich & sweet that you MUST have an entire glass of cold milk to wash it down. Deb from SK isn't a huge sweets person, even though she makes plenty of desserts. i think myyyyyy filling will need to ante up on the sugar next time.