Monday, June 23, 2008

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another. Romans 12:15-16

i can't believe i've let so much time slip by between posts. grandad, i promise i'll start updating more often because i love your comments. :)

i've just returned from a whirlwind of life changing events. all in about 10 days' time, my youngest sister graduated from high school, and two of my very best friends have gotten married. i had a final job interview at a promising school this morning, and am still trying to shake this awful cold/flu thing that my lovely sister Ashley started for us all at the beach. needless to say, i'm exhausted.

my body is weak and tired, but it's an exact opposite reflection of what's going on inside. i'm stronger and more whole because of the last few was the most beautiful thing i've seen in a long time to walk down the long corridor of the Norfolk airport and see my daddy literally bouncing up and down so happy to see me, of course, with a cup of Starbucks as a treat. we both commented how we felt like it was Christmas eve the night before, and kept waking up excited about the next day when we'd all be family back together again.

when my youngest sister ran towards me with tears in her eyes and just wrapped her arms around me when i walked into the skate shop where she works, nothing else in the world mattered. all the car expenses, taxes, dead end jobs, crazy dogs, and heating bills just didn't exist.

when two of my best girlfriends committed themselves to love and honor only one man for the rest of their lives in front of God and family, it was more emotional than on my own wedding day. when your best friend is walking down the aisle in a wedding dress, and all you can see is when she first walked into your dorm room, all sweaty from volleyball all feels different. i always prided myself on being emotionally stable in difficult or typically sentimental times, not because i had no heart, but because i wanted to make sure someone had their head on straight. not the case lately.

i never realized how protective and proud i was of the people i loved until the last few weeks. seeing my dad absolutely beaming when my sister walked out in her cap and gown; seeing my best friend sing her heart out to her new husband and you know she'd been waiting for exactly that moment since she was 10 (we have proof); and watching another favorite dancing with the man who will always protect her all fits into place.

i realized that i thrive off of moments like these in life. not because of the emotional highs, but because those highs are just results of years of trials, laughs, and just getting through life together.

i hope everyone has those moments where they live through the joy of other people they love. there's nothing like it. and i believe with all my heart that that's what God's greatest desire beam from ear to ear because of the joy in the hearts of those He created.