Thursday, June 18, 2009

some pictures

this is a lovely shot of the blood vessel that burst in my eye...a result of major vomiting the first trimester of pregnancy....yeah, real fun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I never have much motivation for amazing new updates. I hope you still read.

Tim is at Jr High camp this week, so it's been me and the pup keeping each other company while he's gone. So far, it's been a pretty boring week...but it's been salvaged by going to eat with Tim's parents and The Bachelorette party with the Canfields - always an adventure. I passed on Troy's second trip to the Frito Lay factory for dumpster diving. I'm sure I missed out on an entertaining hour, but I will have to eat through the many jars of salsa before we're ready for another load of perfectly good day old bags of chips and cookies. A grand idea...welcome to being friends with the most thrifty people I know. :) Katrina has lots of good tips for saving a buck with baby products as well. I now know how to make my own laundry detergent and baby wipes- genius! Tim and I are excited to have friends who can pass on little things like well as eat an entire pan of brownies with us! :)

I think (fingers crossed) I'm over the sick part of being pregnant. I have never been more grateful that school is over with than I was last week. Tim said I looked like I'd been run over by a truck and all I wanted to do was sleeeeeeep. Thankfully, I got it under control with a little help from a nausea prescription and figuring out the right foods and time of the day to eat. I'm going on 5 days in a row without morning sickness, so let's pray it's over! I'm just shy of the 12 week mark so we're hopeful that those sick days are behind me. Tim has been amazing through all my laziness and puking....setting alarms for me when I fall asleep without knowing at 8pm...making peanut butter sandwiches with my request at 10:30...setting crackers and water by my bedside...letting me sleep as long as needed, etc. He's been wonderful, and I can't imagine how helpful he'll be when the baby really comes. Which he's convinced is a boy.

Not really sure what's on the agenda for today...right now Marley and I are sitting on the porch trying to figure out if it's going to rain. I may head down to Greenfield for some quality Gooch time and then who knows. It's hard for me not to just shop til I drop when I have nothing else to do! The goal of this week was to get some major cleaning and organizing done, but I seem to find other things to take priority.

We're at CIY in Michigan next week, so hopefully I'll have a few pictures and awesome "this is how God moved" stories to tell. Looking forward to going with Tim on all these trips this summer...won't be able to for long!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

major update!

ok, so 2 months without an updated blog....very sorry.

there have been some very exciting and new things lately:

1. school's OVER!!!! woohooo! now i am packing my bags and following Tim around the country. we have lots of fun trips planned, and i'm excited i am able to go on all of them!

2. i'll be moving up to teach 2nd grade next year (very excited). the older, the better. whew..

3. we're PREGNANT! we just had an ultrasound today and got to see the baby squirming and kicking like crazy! i'm not sure what to think about that already...i feel like i'm already having to keep up with it...tim thinks it'll be just like his mom. we all know he's pretty easy to keep up with:) keep checking back for more updates. we couldn't be happier or feel more blessed! we love you all that have been praying so hard along with us. i feel very much unworthy of having such a short journey to get here.