Wednesday, June 13, 2007


my dad's coming tomorrow to help me move back home, and we're both pretty excited. i'm a daddy's girl for sure. i may be a spitting image of my mom, but i've inherited the sarcasm, tough love, and sometimes stubborn reasoning of my dad. we'll pack, clean, and eat out with friends. i'm excited. once dad gets here, that means only 1 day of class, and i'm home free.

Monday, June 11, 2007

i get by with a little help from my friends

this weekend was the first one in a long time that i actually wish it was over. at this point, i'm just thinking we could've gotten 2 days of class over with instead of just had saturday and sunday. but then i remember how this weekend was great fun with some friends that i will miss as if my own head fell off, which i hope never happens.

a few highlights:
starbucks' new orange creme frappuccino.

speed scrabble 2 days in a row.

i felt nicole's baby move! i have to admit, it was an incredible feeling. i swear she gave me a high five from inside the womb. we're gonna be bff.

nicole, kenny, taylor, & i made a giant speed scrabble puzzle in record time as a team effort.

picking tweet up from the side of kimberlin heights b/c he ran over a pair of PLIERS that got stuck handle-first in his tire. i almost didn't believe him. neither did roadside assistance.

seeing bill & betsy pull over to help us with our "emergency" and then laughing and leaving us with the plier-ed car.

re-living stories about how dangerous the jbc dorms really are.

tara's dress-up game in mine & lindsay's give-away clothes.

bill wolf leading worship.

wedding dresses w/ HB. crazy.

spying on new people moving in with lindsay through closed blinds.

s'mores w/ the girls (again).

seeing bill & betsy every day no matter where i went (walmart, side of the road, church, etc. i will miss just knowing they're out there somewhere.)

tackling kenny outside the admissions office & scaring him so bad that he drooled in his goatee. priceless. for one who's notorious for pullin' pranks on me, i won today.

i guess looking back, those were two days i wouldn't give back. alright, alright. court, just take your time and enjoy your friends. i wouldn't have half the crazy life i do without them.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

balumtimeth's day

dave barnes is one of the most entertaining musicians i've seen yet. he's just plain goofy. and hot. (shh)

here's a homemade video of him just being plain silly at home. it's about valentine's day, if you couldn't translate that from the title.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

things i've learned lately

kenny can juggle.
you can make a half-decent clay animation video in about 2 hours.
every cd in the entire world is a different length.
computers break sometimes.
i might like that tim has to wear suits for his new job;)
you can pick your own seats ahead of time on flights.
indiana is farther away from virginia than i thought. (gooches, don't go.)
i'm happiest when my friends are happy.
fake eyelashes suck.
jacob and i have a lot of funny memories.
a girl's favorite diamonds are her own.
i don't like rap. any kind.
the word "cuiba" in portugese means anything you want it to be...they think it means anything from "onion" to "teacher".
i'm going to miss knoxville's market square.
how happy and worry-free i am becoming now that school is REALLY ending.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

i can hear the fife and drums...

anxious to get back home, i thought this post appropriate.

these pictures are from downtown historic yorktown beach. the first picture is a shot of the shops along the beach including the new ice cream parlor and the local pub. the sunsets along this beach are to die for, and the fishing pier just aways down puts you in the path of some incredibly interesting locals.

the second one is the victory monument, where the langley air force orchestra proudly takes its place every july 4th and creates music that would give any american goosebumps. i'm sad to say i'll miss another virginia july 4th this year-we'll be on our honeymoon. yeah, shucks.

i've gotta say that i really think i do live in one of the coolest places on the mid-eastern coast. right in the middle of the "historic triangle" as they call it, we are close to williamsburg, jamestown, and of course, yorktown. we've lived here the last 9 years, and it's where tim and i will be heading back to. it's got character, for sure. battlefields, military posts, the largest naval harbor in the country, beautiful historic buildings, etc. i can't get enough. and i'm only two weeks away from heading back for more.