Friday, September 25, 2009

doctor update & 26 week ultrasound

so we had our follow up ultrasound today; the one where they wanted to make sure they saw the "stomach bubble". i was a little nervous going in, but my mind was elsewhere since i had to pee SOOOOOOO bad. in order to get good ultrasound pics, they ask that you drink an ungodly amount of water right before your appt. and not use the bathroom. this is uncomfortable for anyone, let alone a woman who is 6 months pregnant! i was actually in a lot of pain and i'm not sure how tim kept a straight face watching me waddle into the hospital with a look of desperation. i couldn't even sit correctly in the chair in the waiting room i had to go so bad. and, of course, you have a couple of pounds of child deciding to take the opportunity to see how bad Mommy really has to go and kick and squirm on top of your bladder. (hopefully, not a preview of attitudes to come...)

we finally took the images we needed..i was allowed to relieve myself (for probably about 10 minutes) and then we proceeded with the enjoyable part of the ultrasound. the lab tech was able to clearly see the stomach bubble (praise Jesus!) and said that everything looked beautiful. i've included some additional images we got today. i have PROOF that it's a boy...and a pretty cool face shot. you kinda have to step back a little and look at the picture as if it were a shadow. i love the ultrasounds...getting to actually see pictures of what i'm feeling. tim and i determined that he is more and more like his daddy every day. every time we take an ultrasound, his legs are crossed and the lab tech said he had very long feet! :) he was also pretty stubborn and didn't like to have his picture taken, turning his face away whenever we got close.

they measured the femur bone once again, and moved my due date up another couple of days to January 1! we'll see how long i can hold out...just hoping i don't spend christmas in the hospital. although, if i am...i think i'd be ok w/ that being the only thing under our tree.

on other smaller notes, we bought and assembled the crib and the nursery is painted. i'll try and take a picture of that soon, once we get things together. it is a very strange realization having a crib in the spare bedroom.

love you all, and THANK YOU for your prayers! we are so blessed to be having such a smooth pregnancy which will result in, i'm sure, a beautiful baby boy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009