Monday, March 11, 2013

As of lately...


 Babies change everything. We know that. Everyone says it. But you don't really understand it until it's your reality. When I thought about blogging again, I tried to think of something creative and deep to share. Then I realized that my life right is my kids. So an update on how they're growing and learning is really a journal entry about how I'm growing and learning, too, right? Cue obligatory pictures and updates.

 Cana Ruth

 Cana weighed in at a healthy 17 lbs this morning at her six month checkup. She's moving right along as expected in growth & milestones and screamed when she got her vaccinations (some of you may have cringed). Already, her personality differs so much from her brother, who, I remember at his appointments loved to charm and show off his early conquests of baby milestones. Cana, however, in true female fashion, suspiciously eyed the nurses and doctors as they came to poke and prod. Call it female intuition, but she never seemed to keen on any of them. Shots came, her glares turned into "yelling" spits when any of them came into sight and she held fast my shoulder until we left the office. Nonetheless, she's a pleasant baby who has turned out to be a great sleeper, eater, roller, teether, sitter, etc.


 Isaac is recently potty trained! I literally think about how grateful I am for this milestone every. single. day. His personality feeds off accomplishment and the approval of his daddy, and when he decided he was just happened. Now I officially admit he's a "big kid" and we see it more every day in his capability to learn new things, crave independence, and put Godly character to the test. I've also never experienced a longer winter season than I have with a three year old boy. Good grief. Influenced or not, Isaac has also shown a strong interest in any sort of sport. This, I'm afraid, I cannot be responsible for. One day, we're playing basketball in the house, and the next we've donned every piece of clothing with a soccer ball, kicking a ball around the house, and asking when he can play on the big field. He knows Tim's his favorite team's names, checks out Cincinnati Reds books from the library, and plays sports games on the Wii. I've enrolled him in gymnastics preschool coordination class (let's be real) gymnastics in town, and he loves being active, focused, and challenged. Now if I would've only thought of that, oh, four months ago. This summer holds so much for him as far as exploring our woods with a little bit more freedom, imaginative play with Cana, possibly helping us garden, and more focused schooling activities. Dare I call it homeschool? (That's another post, Court.)  

 Our babies are growing before our eyes, and trying to capture it all is overwhelming. In the meantime, we anxiously wait for spring and kick soccer balls in the living room until our next bike ride.


  1. Where did you sign him up for gymnastics? Caroline would love that...especially if they have a trampoline...

  2. Hooray for blogging!! I love your family! And seeing your kids grow and learn, oh how I wish we lived closer!

  3. Much awesomeness happening at your house! Congratulations on having two minutes to write something in "big people" sentences. You're an excellent mom!