Friday, January 13, 2012

Dangit, Katie.

Alright, I didn't feel so bad about being so behind on blogging since I'd at least blogged in the last few months. But, like Katie, I've had a few gentle nudges to keep blogging and keep my long distance family up to date with more intimate moments besides, "Well, let's see what else is new..." phone conversations. In true orderly fashion, I'm going to have to update you on November-December but that will be quick seeing as I don't really remember much!

Funny things, blogs are, because they tend to weigh more heavily on the writers themselves when they're not updated regularly. Like we've made some sort of virtual commitment to journaling our life and sharing with others. It's half and half with me. I write to appease my readers - let's be honest, my mother and sisters - but I trudge along knowing that I would regret not capturing these days with pictures and thoughts.

So Katie, thanks for getting the ball rolling and back into blogland. I also love reading your posts and you are an encouragement to me - even miles away and with a fairly fresh friendship! (Say that three times fast.)

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  1. i've been waiting for you to get back on here! you've got a brand new house to blog about!