Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pinterest balance

I probably spend more time pinning ideas on Pinterest than I should. It's a great resource for inspiration and tutorials. The problem is: I've maybe done less than a handful of the projects I've marked.

You're probably thinking, "Court, what's the problem? You don't work, you have a new house, blank walls, a creative mind, and Pinterest as your resource! Get going already!"

Those are exactly the problems. Along with knowing I'm one of the most indecisive minds I know of. And the notion that now that we own our home, I have to decorate everything like I've always wanted to. That puts a lot of pressure on me.

In my own mind, of course.

I'm easily overwhelmed.

I want every space to be perfect.

I want to be incredibly, cutely organized.

My taste and style changes almost annually.


You know it's bad when my DH is kindly suggesting, "I'm ready for this house to finally get put together."

I know, I know! Meeeeee too.

I'm having a brain fart.

I need to take it one week at a time, maybe one project/improvement a week. That's going to require planning, doing, budgeting, and deciding. Oy.

We're also in transition in this house since we decided to shuffle some bedrooms for the new baby coming in August *eeee!:)* and that has led to closet purging, reorganizing, possible paint color changes, and really wanting to give attention to our master bedroom. We have a pretty small living space in the main part of the house, so some innovative toy storage is underway as well.

In reality, it's a productive day for me if I a)keep Isaac entertained/happy/learning, b)my family fed with healthy meals, c) laundry, dishes & regular household chores maintained, and d)my sanity with keeping up with Bible studies, blogs, Zumba classes, and just SLEEP.

Now my conscience kicks me in the rear and says, "What about all this simple living mumbo jumbo you preach about?"

You're right. It matters no more that my house is perfectly decorated, organized, or updated. I shouldn't worry about the way the house looks as long as its walls are filled with laughing people and great food instead of professionally framed photos.


I've got to find a way to balance my creative energy and desire for aesthetically pleasing spaces with the true beauty of a home: how its inhabitants use it.


  1. I live with the same tug of conscience. But I've also noticed something important recently that gives me great hope: All my favorite crafty bloggers have children older than mine. Their babies are 3 or 4. We're just not there yet. And you're allowed the "newly pregnant, can't lift my head from the couch" excuse too. We still haven't unpacked every box, and I haven't used even a brush stroke of the paint we bought. Handmade takes time, and you'll get there.

  2. I agree with you and Katie :) I feel like if I did everything I pinned I would either be superwoman or checking into a crazy hospital! I am truly good with just admiring from afar and throwing in some random real life projects here or there. It looks to me like you have your priorities already in order :)

  3. Hey! I haven't been on here in forever and wanted to say hi! aaand I haven't talked to you since the news of the baby, so CONGRATULATIONS!

    I WAS on a roll with pinterest projects, completing about one a week... but that has gone by the wayside as I have started brainstorming for our new home and teaching full swing... I currently have 3 unfinished projects in my living room! 2 of them are slow because the paint has to REALLY dry :) but other than that, I have no excuses.

    I just wanted to share in your "I should do more creating" sentiment.

    That said, I hope you are doing well :) I look forward to hearing about some of your projects---- and the lack there of as you stay healthy, happy, and sane :)